BAe Nimrod MRA4


Four-engine, Intelligence Surveillance Targeting Acquisition Reconnaissance (ISTAR) aircraft. Crew of 12 or 13 depending on the role.


The Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft and is operated by No 120 Squadron, from RAF Kinloss. The Nimrod has a highly sophisticated and sensitive suite of systems used for reconnaissance and gathering electronic intelligence. The ability of the Nimrod to transit at high speed and then loiter in an operational area at lower speed for long periods makes it ideally suited to the task. Air refuelling can extend the Nimrod’s endurance should the task demand. The Nimrod is operated by a four-man flight deck crew of two pilots, a flight engineer and a weapon systems officer, and an electronic reconnaissance crew - equipment operators commanded by a mission supervisor. The aircraft is fitted with two inertial navigation systems and a satellite-based global positioning system to assist in the requirement for accurate navigation.

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